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Pest Pigeons in Sacramento

Sometimes visitors to our Sacramento pest control company Website are surprised to find pigeons on our list of household pests. The fact is, if your home or commercial building ever becomes a popular roosting spot for these ubiquitous city- and suburban-dwellers, you have a pest problem that can encompass health hazards, safety hazards and property damage, to say nothing of an unsightly mess.
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Why Pigeons are a Pesky Pest Problem

pigeon hazardsPigeons are prolific breeders, hatching several broods a year and sometimes laying a new clutch of eggs before the previous batch of fledglings has left the nest. Pigeons are comfortable with humans and are not easily scared away or deterred. Our houses and commercial buildings often have architectural features such as eaves and drain spouts that make ideal nesting sites for a bird that in its native habitat would nest in the cavities and hollows of steep rock cliffs.
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Free Pest Management Calendar

PestControlCcalendarImageThe California Department of Pesticide Regulation offers a free, information-filled calendar, designed to help school maintenance personnel manage and keep records of all manner of pest problems that may afflict schools, as well as our homes and businesses. The information ranges from tips for controlling rats, mice, ground squirrels, pigeons and yellow jackets to tree debris and invasive weeds. Although the calendar was designed to assist schools in meeting the requirements of the Healthy Schools Act in recording pest control activities—and is an August 2010 though July 2011 calendar—it’s so chock-full of interesting and useful pest management information, from images of mouse droppings to dandelion control, that we wanted to pass along the information to our Sacramento pest control customers and friends.

To download this 2010-2011 school year calendar, go to: http://apps.cdpr.ca.gov/schoolipm/10-11_calendar.pdf.

Or e-mail school-ipm@cdpr.ca.gov to receive a hard copy of the calendar mailed to you.

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