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EPA Says Hiring Pros Early Helps Fight Bed Bugs


In a recent publication, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has this advice for bed bug prevention:

“Getting a pest management professional (PMP) involved as soon as possible rather than taking time to try to treat the problem yourself is very effective at preventing further infestations. Each pest management company should have instructions for residents on how to prepare the unit for a treatment which will include laundering and cleaning.

The PMP will inspect your residence, take apart furniture if necessary and use vacuums, heat and pesticides to treat the infestation. Download this informative EPA publication.

Video Report from EPA National Bed Bug Summit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hosted its second annual bedbug summit in Washington, DC, last week, bringing hundreds of scientists, government officials and pest control experts to the capital for a two-day conference on combating bed bugs. Reports from the conference and information about a national bed bug strategy will be available within a few weeks on the EPA Website at  www.epa.gov .

Meantime the stars of the show–the bugs themselves–are featured in this summit video!