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Dealing with Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bug infestations have become increasingly common in the United States since the 1980s, likely as a result of increased global travel and trade, changes in available pesticides and possibly pesticide resistance. Once associated with crowded, deteriorated housing... read more

Yellowjacket and Wasp stings

In most cases, a single yellowjacket or wasp sting does not cause serious injury. However, in some cases people have allergic reactions that can be life-threatening—even when previous stings caused no reaction. The risk of a severe reaction increases with multiple... read more

Wasps & Yellowjackets in Sacramento

There are two types of “social wasps” in our Sacramento pest control region: yellowjackets and paper wasps. Of the two, yellowjackets are more aggressive and dangerous to humans. Yellowjackets will attack if their nest is threatened or, less frequently, if someone... read more

Eliminating Ant Infestations

Our Sacramento pest control company recently got a frantic call from a woman who had put off dealing with an enormous ant infestation on a large crepe myrtle tree that hung over her driveway. On a recent rainy morning, she walked out through her garage to pick up the... read more

Pest Pigeons in Sacramento

Sometimes visitors to our Sacramento pest control company Website are surprised to find pigeons on our list of household pests. The fact is, if your home or commercial building ever becomes a popular roosting spot for these ubiquitous city- and suburban-dwellers, you... read more

Ants Commonly Found in Northern California

Spring and summer is high season for ants and for ant pest problems in our California homes and gardens. There are about 300 species of ants here, but fewer than a dozen are common household pests in our area. One of the most common pests is the Argentine ant, a... read more

The Problems with Mice

Mice eat and contaminate human and pet foods, preferring grains but apparently willing to nibble on almost anything. One of our Sacramento pest control customers discovered a nest of mice in a trunk where she stored historic family documents, vintage clothing and... read more

A Tough Pest Control Problem: Mice

Mice are a more prevalent, more damaging and tougher problem than their two common Sacramento rodent cousins, rattus rattus (roof rats) and Rattus norvegicus (Norway rats). And as our Northern California winter grows colder and wetter, mice are more likely to set up... read more

Why Pigeons are a Pesky Pest Problem

Pigeons are prolific breeders, hatching several broods a year and sometimes laying a new clutch of eggs before the previous batch of fledglings has left the nest. Pigeons are comfortable with humans and are not easily scared away or deterred. Our houses and commercial... read more