Wasps & Yellowjackets in Sacramento

YellowjacketThere are two types of “social wasps” in our Sacramento pest control region: yellowjackets and paper wasps. Of the two, yellowjackets are more aggressive and dangerous to humans. Yellowjackets will attack if their nest is threatened or, less frequently, if someone tries to swat them away from a food source. Paper wasps are less defensive, less apt to sting, and shy of humans unless their nest is located near a traffic-way such as a door or gate. Continue reading


Eliminating Ant Infestations

Our Sacramento pest control company recently got a frantic call from a woman who had put off dealing with an enormous ant infestation on a large crepe myrtle tree that hung over her driveway. On a recent rainy morning, she walked out through her garage to pick up the morning paper, only to step, barelegged, into a swarm of ants that were using the concrete seam in the center of her garage floor as a highway under the garage door and into her dry garage. Continue reading

Pest Pigeons in Sacramento

Sometimes visitors to our Sacramento pest control company Website are surprised to find pigeons on our list of household pests. The fact is, if your home or commercial building ever becomes a popular roosting spot for these ubiquitous city- and suburban-dwellers, you have a pest problem that can encompass health hazards, safety hazards and property damage, to say nothing of an unsightly mess.
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Ants Commonly Found in Northern California

Spring and summer is high season for ants and for ant pest problems in our California homes and gardens.

There are about 300 species of ants here, but fewer than a dozen are common household pests in our area. One of the most common pests is the Argentine ant, a dull-brown ant about 1/8-inch in length. Less common but also significant are the carpenter ant, the pharaoh ant, the odorous house ant, the thief ant and the southern fire ant. Carpenter ants are black or red and black and larger than the Argentine ant at a quarter to half inch in length and, because they hollow out and nest in wood, can do significant damage to homes and buildings. You may recognize an odorous house ant, which is dark brown to black and about the same size as the Argentine ant, by its strong odor if you step on it. Our Southern California neighbors are dealing with a serious problem from the red imported fire ant, which has recently established a population there; but they have not yet been found in Northern California. Continue reading

The Problems with Mice

House MouseMice eat and contaminate human and pet foods, preferring grains but apparently willing to nibble on almost anything. One of our Sacramento pest control customers discovered a nest of mice in a trunk where she stored historic family documents, vintage clothing and other mementos. Not only did she find the remains of precious keepsakes shredded in a pile, she found dry dog food nuggets the mice apparently had confiscated from her pet’s dish and tucked away for safe-keeping.
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